Sciatica is a term that refers to numbness, weakness, tingling, or burning that runs along the sciatic nerve. At Generation Chiropractic & Wellness Center, serving Bluffton and the nearby region, we help manage the symptoms of sciatica and promote healing. Dr. Campa uses quality chiropractic care to reduce and eliminate sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica Defined

Sciatica isn’t a condition. Instead, it is a group of symptoms caused by a problem affecting your sciatic nerve. This nerve is the largest in the body and extends from the lower portion of your back down your legs. The symptoms, which include weakness, numbness, tingling, and burning that affect the nerve, typically stem from either compression or damage to the nerve. The compression may occur due to a bone spur, disc herniation, or an unborn baby pushing on the nerve. Damage could occur during an accident or injury. Certain conditions, such as poorly controlled or uncontrolled diabetes, can also damage the nerve.

Risk Factors of Sciatica

Some people are more at risk for sciatica than others. For instance, an expecting mother could experience sciatica during either the first or third trimester. Your risk of sciatica is higher if you have a condition that affects your nerves, such as diabetes. Those who are obese have a greater risk as well. Obesity can place you at a greater risk of developing diabetes. Furthermore, if you are obese, the excess weight can create pressure on the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica symptoms.

Diagnosing Sciatica

The first step to diagnosing sciatica is to fill out a detailed medical history so Dr. Campa can get an idea of any previous injuries or surgeries that you have received. With this information, we can better understand if you have conditions that could possibly damage your sciatic nerve. We also want to know about your symptoms and when they started. We will want to know when they are worse. Sometimes, our chiropractor will take imaging to get a better idea if there is anything compressing the nerve.

Treating Sciatica

To help with your sciatic nerve pain, our chiropractor may suggest a few chiropractic adjustments. These treatments move your vertebrae to reduce pressure on your nerves and soft tissue. Spinal decompression, massage therapy, hot and cold therapies, and exercise therapy are other effective treatments that may be included in your customized treatment plan.

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