Common Questions About Text Neck

The term “text neck” has become more well-known over the last several years. People with text neck can find it difficult to work, read, or even enjoy leisurely activities if it is not addressed. Dr. Jennifer and our team at Generation Chiropractic & Wellness Center would like to answer some of the questions about text neck so you can be proactive in preventing and healing this condition.

Why Is It Called Text Neck?

Text neck is a term used to describe pain that stems from leaning over a device repeatedly and for long periods. When you receive a text, scroll through social media, or stream your favorite shows on your phone or tablet, you are constantly leaning your head down. This is an unnatural position that doesn’t do your neck or spine any good.

When you are texting, you are likely lifting your head, leaning over to check the text, and then lifting your head again. Doing this over and over again can cause tears in the soft tissues of your neck. Although it’s called text neck, devices aren’t the only way to experience it. Even leaning over a book or a newspaper can cause this issue.

What Are the Symptoms of Text Neck?

The biggest signs of text neck are neck pain, tension, and stiffness. The neck pain might only be in one spot, but it can also radiate throughout the entire neck and shoulders. It might be a sharp pain, but it can also be dull.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Text neck can cause some intense suffering if it’s not addressed. However, you can find natural relief through chiropractic care. Your chiropractor can perform adjustments to realign the spine and ensure that any vertebra impacted can function properly again. Massage can help relieve the tension in your muscles. Our chiropractor can also guide you through stretching and strengthening exercises that can help undo any damage as well as prevent further pain.

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